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A Local Agriculture and Farm Guide for Shenandoah County
3/6/2014: Shenandoah Forum announced today they are working on a local agriculture and farm guide partnered with a mobile app for Shenandoah County. The guide is newest initiative in the Forum's ongoing efforts to strengthen our local economy and promote a more vibrant and healthy agricultural community.
Listing in the guide is FREE to all to Shenandoah County farm sector producers and businesses.

  • To view online Local Farm Guide Application.
  • To print a Local Farm Guide Application.

Profiling the county's deep farming traditions, the local guide will provide a comprehensive list of items produced in Shenandoah County including what is available from our local farms and woodlots. In addition to information on farmers' markets and farm stands, the guide will include on-farm produce and meat producers, farms selling hay, wool, and a variety of farm related products.
Anyone interested in participating can complete an application online. Applications are also available at the Agriculture Extensive Service office in the County Government Center, the Shenandoah County Farm Bureau, the County Library and local farm stores in Mt. Jackson, Woodstock and Strasburg or by calling 540-984-7003.
The printed guides will be available throughout the community by May 2014 with the mobile app tentatively set for completion in September. The mobile app will incorporate the information available in the print guide into a smartphone compatible application, allowing users to search for and locate products and vendors in Shenandoah County.

For more information on the Local Agriculture and Farm Guide for Shenandoah County.

To view online Local Farm Guide Application.
    To print a Local Farm Guide Application.

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